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About Blazing Technologies Inc.

If Quality, Commitment, Productivity, and being an Industry Leader is important to you, then Blazing Technologies, Inc. is the company of choice when it comes to hydraulic and electric powered utility vehicles and custom engineered fabrications and equipment.  BTI is a Pennsylvania corporation.

Blazing Technologies, Inc. or "BTI" is a custom engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing facility.  Blazing Technologies Inc.'s customers contact us because they want something designed and built.  Blazing Technologies, Inc.  specializing in Custom Electric Powered (AC & DC),  engine driven, and hydraulic engineered products and utility vehicles for the commercial and residential markets.  In addition, BTI has a contract division that specializes in the design and manufacture of steel fabrications for many regional industries.  The principals and employees of BTI have over 75 years Experience in the aerial work platform industry from various manufacturers and in several disciplines including Engineering, New Product Design, Manufacturing, Procurement, and Operations.  This experience is an important attribute for the design of your product.  BTI is knowledgeable in the technologies and codes necessary to design a reliable, quality manufactured, and proven piece of equipment to fit your needs.  Our Manufacturing process incorporates Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) as well as Flow Through principles.  The inherit design will be the epitome of standardization in conjunction with extraordinary simplicity.  Blazing Technologies uses the latest powder coating techniques and powder coats all of its own products.

BTI produces products whose Quality is unmatched and is easily recognized.
There is an overwhelming Commitment to succeed that is shown by every employee at BTI. This commitment has led to several BTI innovations in the electric powered support vehicle industry.  These innovations make BTI an Industry Leader in the electric and hydraulic powered propulsion industry.