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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions frequently asked of us about our Oversize Load Signs.

Q: How much does the sign weigh?
A: The Steel Oversize Load Sign along with the framework that attaches to the luggage rack weighs 55 lbs.  The sign itself (the part that rotates up, weighs 38 lbs).

Q: Why should I buy a Blazing Tech Oversize Load Sign?
A: The simple answer is that it is the best Oversize Load Sign on the market.  It is strong and durable and made with the highest quality materials and greatest workmanship.  It is the only sign on the market that allows the air to pass through it thereby reducing drag and saving you fuel.  The BTI OSL signs are not the least expensive signs on the market, but the quality and workmanship are far superior to anything on the market today.

Q: Will a Blazing Tech Oversize Load Sign Fit my Luggage Rack?
A: We have designed mountings that fit most cars on the market, but if by chance we don't have the mounting brackets that fit your luggage rack, we will make them. That is what Blazing Technologies Inc. does, we make custom products for our customers.  It will only add a day or two to your order and is what we enjoy doing. 

Q: What if my vehicle does not have a luggage rack?
A: There are several options.  If you have a pick up truck, Blazing Technologies Inc. is an authorized distributor for Back Rack which can be mounted to the bed of your truck and of course, we manufacture an OSL sign that mounts to Back Rack.  Secondly, we make brackets that mount to the tracks that are on top of your vehicle (tracks that are manufactured into the roof of your vehicle for future luggage rack installation).  The third option is that we carry many luggage racks that can be installed on your vehicle very easily.

Q: Does Blazing Technologies Inc. do installations?
A: We are more than happy to install your BTI OSL sign as well as light bars and Back Rack products.  Take a look at our Testimonial page to see what other customers have said about our installation services.